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Welcome to the world’s first NFT museum. The Seattle NFT Museum is designed to bring together artists, creators, collectors, and the broader blockchain community.   


Currently showing 

"Artist and the Machine" 

Seattle NFT Museum announced the fourth exhibition this year, titled “Artist and the Machine,” which will open on June 4th. The paintbrush of digital art has unlimited potential, from 3d renderings to live motion, but perhaps nothing could have prepared us for the impact of algorithms and AI. In this exhibit you will see the wild interactivity between artists and their machines, generating powerful, emotional displays.


About Seattle NFT Museum Exhibits

Art on show at the Seattle NFT Museum lives on the blockchain, and is displayed on loan from artists, creators, galleries, and collectors. You can expect our exhibition calendar to be packed full of influential works from around the world and local to Seattle. Click below to explore our exhibitions page.


"“The imagination of NFT artists and creators is thrilling. We wanted to create a space to serve the NFT community while helping put Seattle on the map as a hub for NFT and Blockchain innovation. We’re not experts, and we’re here to learn as much as anyone. That is why we are counting on the feedback and support of NFT enthusiasts to continue growing the vision.” "

- Jennifer Wong, Cofounder, Seattle NFT Museum