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Welcome to Seattle's first NFT art museum and gallery, designed to bring together artists, creators, collectors, and the broader blockchain community.   


Opening January 14th

Seattle NFT Museum is opening soon! Reserve your tickets now for scheduled viewings and learn about our opening weekend events, showcasing nationally recognized artists and collections.


What is NFT art?

See the flashing, octagonal art piece? It is called 'Quantum', by artist Kevin McCoy, and it became the first work to be associated with an NFT-type certificate of ownership in May 2014, three years before the term NFT was coined.

Everyone understands what it means to own an original piece of art. There might be thousands of prints, but there is only one authentic original which is typically authenticated by the artist or confirmed through forensic evidence.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a special type of digital asset that can be used to authenticate ownership of just about anything, and the applications for digital art are endless.

NFT art is recorded and traded using blockchain technologies, each token stored like its own cryptocurrency. This makes it easy to acquire, store, sell, and most importantly validate authenticity. 

So when you come to the Seattle NFT Museum, you'll find some of the most exciting NFT digital art displayed on large, high-resolution screens, designed to capture the imaginations of first-time viewers, collectors, enthusiasts, and the next generation of digital artists.  


Seattle NFT Museum Exhibits 

Art on exhibit at the Seattle NFT Museum lives on the blockchain, and is displayed on loan from artists, creators, galleries, and collectors. You can expect our exhibition calendar to be packed full of influential works from around the world and local to Seattle. Click below to explore our exhibitions page.


"“The imagination of NFT artists and creators is thrilling. We wanted to create a space to serve the NFT community while helping put Seattle on the map as a hub for NFT and Blockchain innovation. We’re not experts, and we’re here to learn as much as anyone. That is why we are counting on the feedback and support of NFT enthusiasts to continue growing the vision.” "

- Jennifer Wong, Co-Founder Seattle NFT Museum