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The First Seattle NFT Museum Drops in January

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Local entrepreneurs to launch the first NFT museum in Seattle’s Belltown Neighborhood

Seattle, WA Today, Seattle NFT Museum – the first museum dedicated to this emerging artform in the Pacific Northwest – announced it will open January 14, 2022 with featured artist events. Tickets go on sale today for Jan 14th & 15th opening weekend events (SOLD OUT). Opening weekend events will include artist showcases and Q&A, where NFT artists, collectors, and more can meet their icons and other enthusiasts in the digital art community. You can find details at to purchase ahead.

Founded by local entrepreneurs Jennifer Wong and Peter Hamilton, the museum will feature influential creators, coveted collections, and new mintings.

“It is our vision to create a space that serves the imagination of NFT artists and creators while helping to confirm Seattle’s place as a global cultural and technology destination,” said Jennifer Wong, co-founder of Seattle NFT Museum.

“It will be thrilling to host some of the most inspiring NFT innovators and artists, but even more exciting to see how the Seattle community gives the space a life of its own, helping to unlock imaginations and influence the next generation of artists,” said Peter Hamilton, Co-Founder of Seattle NFT Museum.

NFTs are making a historic impact on art and digital assets with over $3.5B in sales so far in 2021. Collectibles, sports, and art are the top three categories of NFT sales which will be the focus of Seattle NFT Museum showings in an effort to provide an outlet for artists, creators, IP owners, and collectors to display their NFTs in a highly contextual, physical setting. The museum will range from education exhibitions to coveted pieces, and will also be available for hosting live events.

Headlining Artist: Blake Kathryn

Opening weekend will feature NFT digital artist Blake Kathryn, famous for her collaborations with Lil Nas X, Jimmy Choo, Vox, and Warner Brothers. Heralding from Los Angeles, and wielding a palette of pastels and neons, her work touches themes of nostalgia, states of consciousness and vices, iterated into lighthearted, dreamlike compositions. Blake Kathryn will be in attendance at the opening weekend for Q&A.

Collector Showcase: Bird Collection

Aaron Bird is a Seattle tech founder and NFT collector who will be providing some of his collection on loan in the Seattle NFT Museum’s first exhibition. Works will include CryptoPunks, Tyler Hobbs, Chromie Squiggle by Snowfro, and a commissioned piece from Pindar Van Arman.

“Everything about this world of blockchain authentication excites me, and seeing the work of some of the world’s most exciting projects on display in a physical space is going to be wild. I know that this museum will receive incredible support in our community.” - Aaron Bird, NFT Collector

Seattle Artist: Neon Saltwater

Neon Saltwater is an environmental designer and 3D artist based in Seattle. She specializes in creating digital and physical rooms, which often get confused for each other in digital form ("...Is this room real or imagined?..."). In both mediums, the rooms are intended to elicit emotional responses from their use of color, dramatic lighting, and arrangement or space. Neon Saltwater is influenced by architectural and vintage interior catalogues and stock photo photography. In each environment she creates, she aims to evoke the same indescribable euphoria and intoxication one may experience from nostalgia. Clients and collaborators include Barney's New York, Starbucks, Facebook, Seattle Art Museum, Target, and many more.

“Rooms have always felt like an abstract container for memories and feelings, a place where energy lingers infinitely and so they have become my medium. I’m excited to have more people learn about and have access to viewing digital art at Seattle NFT Museum. ” - Abby Dougherty, Artist

Seattle Artist: Charles Peterson

Charles Peterson is famous for his iconic documentation of the Seattle grunge music scene from the early nineteen eighties to the present, as well as other documentary and fine art projects. Peterson's photographs have graced hundreds of record covers and publications, exhibited in major museums worldwide, have been used in major feature and documentary films, and even graced the Paris runways. He has published four monographs of his photos, including Touch Me I’m Sick (powerHouse 2003) of his most famous b&w grunge images, and CYPHER (powerHouse 2008) a look at the contemporary breakdance scene. Peterson currently lives with his family in Seattle.

Seattle Artist: Robbie Trevino

Robbie Trevino is a conceptual artist and illustrator based in Seattle, WA, specializing in surreal and sci-fi illustration and design. Following a childhood love of all things mechanically and biologically designed he studied at a traditional art school and has worked professionally in AAA Games, TV and Film for the past 10 years. Some of his clients include Lucasfilm (Star Wars), Tool, DeadMau5, Magic the Gathering, Netflix (Love, Death and Robots), Valve, Xbox, Mondo, 3D Total, ArtStation, PixelVault (The Crypto Punks Comic) and many more. He is also the creator of the multimedia project "Numinous".

“I've made it a personal mission to seek out new and unexpected ways to create immersive experiences for others with my work. At its core my work strives to explore the unexpected and take you to places you had not imagined. At this moment in time, we are witnessing an evolution and progression in our ability to utilize technology and advance these experiences in unimaginable ways.” - Robbie Trevino, Artist

Artist Showcase: H+ Creative

Museum visitors can also expect a diverse showcase of individual artists represented by H+ Creative, an artist representation firm and visual services studio, focused on the future of creative media through vibrantly executed imagery. They will be showcasing an array of talent by some of the most reputable NFT artists working today.

“Recent times have pushed us to fully embrace 3D, digital platforms and all of the capabilities that go hand in hand with the future of visual media. It launched a digital revolution for all of the hard working artists in the space while NFT platforms and spaces provided locations for them to thrive. I feel like it was a long time coming and the combination of elements and the times proved to be the perfect recipe for their success.”, Hannah Stouffer, Director at H+ Creative

About Seattle NFT Museum (SNFTM) - Opening January 14th

As a center for supporting the NFT creator and collector community, the Seattle NFT Museum is a physical space designed to explore the boundaries of digital art. Exhibits include featured artists, notable private collections, and educational displays. The museum hosts ticketed events, private showings, live mintings, and is open to the public for a suggested donation during business hours. Also available for booking private corporate events.

Jennifer Wong (co-founder) - Head of Sustainability at Convoy, Adjunct Professor at University of Washington, Marketing Executive, Board Member

Peter Hamilton (co-founder) - Head of Television Commerce at Roku, Former CEO at TUNE, Advisor, Mentor, Board Member


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