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Artist Open Call: AI and Art

We are pleased to announce an open call for our next exhibition, "Convergence of AI and Art", presented in collaboration with Bright Moments.

About the exhibition

The Seattle NFT Museum will presents its latest exhibition in collaboration with Bright Moments, "Convergence," a showcase that unveils the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) within the realm of NFT art.

This convergence of cutting-edge technologies propels artistic expression to new frontiers, captivating artists, collectors, and the general public with its remarkable creations. Each AI-influenced artwork, meticulously encoded as an NFT, reveals a harmonious collaboration between machine intelligence and human imagination. From mesmerizing abstract compositions to astonishingly realistic digital landscapes, "Convergence" showcases a breadth of styles and techniques that highlight the synergistic interplay between AI and the creative process.


Artist submissions are due by June 28th, 5pm PT. Artists selected will be notified by June 30th, 5pm PT.

There is a $15 submission fee for this open call entry. The proceeds of the submission fee are to support the museum operations so that we can continue to offer FREE admission for ALL visitors.

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