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“Subconscious Bloom” Exhibition

Updated: May 13, 2023

Seattle, WA - The upcoming exhibition, “Subconscious Bloom” is an exploration of the relationship between the mind and the brain.

Our synaptic networks are capable of creating the physical realities we experience. Ideas shape our world, from belief systems to social innovations. This exhibition raises questions about the impact of technology on the moral and ethical bounds of human life. As rational entities such as AI begin to operate beyond the complexity of the human brain, we are left with questions about who, or what, may shape our potential for change.

The collection of NFT artworks in “Subconscious Bloom” explores the intersections of science and technology, along with spirit and cosmos. These visual stories invite audiences to participate in shaping our collective future by expanding the mind.

Tickets on sale now: Opening Night Event

Saturday, May 13 6:00pm - 9:00pm PT

All ticket donations go to support the programming, operations, and growth of the Seattle NFT Museum. Attendees have the opportunity to hear directly from several of the artists on display, learning more about their work and inspiration and meeting them to ask questions.

Featured Artists:

Duke Kwadwo Yeboah, or AfroSpiritArt, is a Ghanaian digital artist, developer, and artificial intelligence ethics researcher. Yeboah is informed by ancient African cosmologies in his work, which he uses to develop

deeper levels of self-understanding. The cultural messages that Yeboah translates through his technical ability include critiques on the looting of African tribal art under colonial rule and the communication of ancestral spirits in modern creation. Yeboah has exhibited previously at the Museum of Museums during “Hollaback to the Future.”

Nishant Malhotra, also known as egodead, is a painter and digital artist from San Francisco, California. His work involves abstract representations of consciousness and human suffering. The conceptual frameworks of his art revolve around Buddhist and Hindu scripture and practices, which speak to a philosophy of ego-dissolution and transcendence.

“There is an innate pattern and form that pours out of me when painting when in a state of "ego-lessness", where I find my truest self, which is consciousness itself,” Malhotra says of his art.

Gursahil Sohal, or soulosaint, is a Punjabi-American artist based in Fresno, California. Deeply emotional and figurative, the works of soulosaint bridge the spiritual body with depictions of love and longing. The artist has been building his vibrant universe of beings and cosmic motifs since 2017. For their most recent project, soulosaint collaborated with Nifty Gateway Curated to release a triptych piece, titled “The Keys to Love.”

Hannah Yan is a data designer and generative artist using social and cultural phenomena to inspire her geometric compositions. Yan collaborated with Art Blocks on her project, “Totem of Taste,” which utilizes a strange attractor algorithm. The technique sets guidelines for points to aggregate around a specific shape, causing a natural trajectory of particles that combine into circular formations. Yan has spent time in China, Singapore, Switzerland, and the United States, where she is currently living in New York City.

Ysabel LeMay is an internationally recognized photographer known for her hyper-collage panoramas. LeMay blends her fascination with the natural world into a process that remixes photographs of the real world into paradisal perfection. Her immersive tableaus are vivid and dense, inviting audiences to step into their universe.

LeMay was born in Quebec, Canada and now resides in Austin, Texas. The artist has collaborated with couture brands such as BVLGARI, and released her first blockchain projects with ChangeDAO in March 2023.

Hideki Tsukamoto is a UK based artist and programmer experimenting with concepts of Procedural Generation and Generative Design. His career began in the early 90s, when he coded terrain-generation systems for military virtual reality simulators. His generative works include projects with Art Blocks, along with multiple series of world-building artworks that reference cosmic events such as black holes and the genesis of particulate matter.

Robert Alice is a London-based artist. Alice founder of The Robert Alice Project, a studio that aims to promote blockchain culture within the visual arts. that has explored the conceptual and technical basis of cryptocurrency since 2016. Based on research around Satoshi Nakamoto’s early blockchain codebase and whitepaper, Alice developed a project titled “Portraits of the Mind,” which interrogates Nakamoto’s work as historical material. Paralleling the emergence of blockchain with moments of collective evolution from civilizations and cultures past, Alice creates a detailed yet vast depiction of technology, tracing its deep origins through time. Robert Alice was also the curator of the first Sotheby’s Metaverse auction, “Natively Digital” in 2021.

Peter Gric is an Austrian painter, drawer, and illustrator originally from the Czech Republic. Motifs of futuristic landscapes and architecture, biomechanical surrealism, and fantastic realism can be found in his work. Through 3D physics modeling programs, Gric translates his physical paintings into digital renders. Gric is a member of the art groups Libellule and Labyrinthe. He is inspired by figures such as Max Ernst and Salvador Dalí in the creation of his pieces.

Adam Priester is a digital artist and animator. His works span futuristic-looking short animations and immersive activations. The subject of his art centers around dystopian reality and the representation of cyborgian forms. Priester has been involved with creating for brands such as Nike, Netflix, and IKEA.

qubibi is a digital art label by Kazumasa Teshigahara. Kazumasa, a web designer, launched qubibi in 2006. Since then, qubibi has used art direction, design, and programming techniques to create various projects with on-screen media. The artist has recently forayed into long-form generative works as part of the curatorial project, Bright Moments in Tokyo. The works of qubibi have received numerous awards, including D&AD and the Cannes Advertising Prize.

Arrogant Kei is a digital artist exploring the aesthetics of astral bodies and cosmic exploration. The artist deploys automaton figures and glitch-inspired gradients as a visualization of shifting energy. Kei has built a dedicated following across blockchain art communities, and has been exhibited in NYC Times Square by the Medici Collection.

Athr (pronounced ah-ther) is a transdisciplinary artist based in Seattle, WA. They use audio, visuals and technology to create immersive art

GMUNK is a visionary whose creativity and innovation span a unique range of mediums, and has established himself as one of the most diversely talented digital artists in the world. Utilizing a fusion of psychedelic themes and richly textured palettes, his signature style is enigmatic, atmospheric, and metaphysical – much like the Munky himself.

His ethos is driven by his desire to learn and be uncomfortable. He continuously seeks to apply his foundation in motion design to new mediums, with new collaborators. The results of these labors often take beautiful and unexpected forms as short films, installations, digital art, commercials, music videos, title sequences and various applications of motion design.

Hologram Gallery is run by artists Devon Midori Hale and Chi Moscou-Jackson and was founded in 2018 through the PSW real estate company art residency. Since 2021 Devon and Chi have created a new evolving space that showcases contemporary art and design.

Lydia Jewel Gerard is an abstract painter and digital artist based in Tacoma WA. Her work engages ideas of sexuality, safety, and the investigation of light as it relates to emotion. By utilizing luminance in her digital work and softness in painting, Gerard explores both her own mind and seeks to understand and engage the minds of others. Gerard received her BA in Studio Arts and Art History from Pepperdine University in 2016.

Ticketing Information

Seattle NFT Museum is open to the public 12PM - 5PM Weekdays, 10PM - 5PM Sat-Sun, Closed on Tuesdays. Daily admission tickets are available by visiting Admission is now FREE, with a suggested donation of $15. Donation proceeds directly contribute to the operation of the museum and educational programs.

About Seattle NFT Museum

As a center for supporting the NFT creator and collector community, the Seattle NFT Museum is a physical space designed to explore the boundaries of digital art. Exhibits include featured artists, notable private collections, and educational displays. The museum hosts ticketed events, private showings, live mintings, and is open to the public for a suggested donation during business hours. Also available for booking private corporate events. Email or visit for more information.

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03 ก.ค.

It is a novel way to bridge the gap between science, technology, and spirituality via the use of NFT artworks. I can't wait to get the opportunity to see how these visual tales inspire us to contemplate and have an impact on our future. dinosaur game


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Wow, this exhibition sounds fascinating! "Subconscious Bloom" seems to tackle some really deep and timely topics. I'm particularly intrigued by the exploration of how our minds shape reality and the impact of technology on our ethics and morals. The use of NFT artworks to bridge science, technology, and spirituality is a unique approach. I can't wait to see how these visual stories encourage us to think about and influence our future. Definitely putting this on my calendar! slice masters


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I am really looking forward to this “Subconscious Bloom” exhibition happening. doodle baseball

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