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Seattle NFT Museum Exhibition "Cultural Kaleidoscope” in collaboration with HUG

The Seattle NFT Museum is thrilled to announce its upcoming exhibition, "Cultural Kaleidoscope" in collaboration with HUG. This exhibition will explore the importance of culture to art and what heritage means to each artist. The exhibition will run from October 7 2023 to December 1 2023 at the Seattle NFT Museum (2125 1st AVE, Seattle WA 98121)

Tickets are now on sale

Opening reception event, Saturday October 7th 5:00pm - 8:00pm PT

Seattle NFT Museum is hosting an opening reception to launch the new exhibition. Attendees have the opportunity to hear directly from the artists on display, learning more about their work and inspiration.

Featured artists



Zen Seizure

Anne Zanne Silver

Minimum Gravity

Sage Sarvie




Danilo Cicero



Mehdi Benembarek

Rakim Jah

Sara Baumann


Laura Santiago


Luci Obregon


Shavonne Wong

Ticketing Information

Seattle NFT Museum is open to the public 12PM - 5PM Weekdays, 10AM - 5PM Sat-Sun, Closed on Tuesdays. Daily admission tickets are available by visiting Admission is now FREE, with a suggested donation of $15. Donation proceeds directly contribute to the operation of the museum and educational programs.

About the Seattle NFT Museum

The Seattle NFT Museum is the world's first physical museum dedicated to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and digital art. It serves as a hub for showcasing groundbreaking digital artworks and exploring the ever-evolving landscape of digital creativity. With a commitment to innovation and education, the Seattle NFT Museum aims to inspire, engage, and challenge audiences through its unique exhibitions and programs. For more information, please visit

About HUG

Founded by Randi Zuckerberg and Debbie Soon, HUG is the most inclusive destination for artists and collectors in Web3.

Learn more about HUG here

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The Seattle NFT Museum is the world's first physical museum dedicated to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and digital art Backrooms Game

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